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Our Mission Statement

​Through the creation and sale of best-in-class products honoring our love of country we will increase awareness and support for our nation’s military veterans and first responders.

About Subtle Patriot

When you grow up in a family with a strong military history, you learn very early it’s your duty to honor our nation and support our veterans.

Born in this great country and endowed, therefore, with certain privileges, I was taught these privileges were earned by those who came before us and are defended through the service and sacrifice of our active duty military, veterans and first responders. While they each made a career choice to serve, I feel it is every citizens responsibility to serve our country in their own way.

I am proud of my family’s service which began with my grandfathers, one a distinguished Army surgeon, and the other a member of both the Edson’s Raiders of the 1st Marine Raiders Battalion and the Carlson’s Raiders of the 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion, two units said to be the first U.S. special operations forces to form and see combat in World War II.

The tradition of service continued with my dad, who served in both the Marines and the Navy. My Uncle Bill completed his first tour in Vietnam as a Marine and returned for a second tour in the Navy. Uncle Jack served in the Navy and Great Uncle John chose to serve as a Green Beret for 20 years.

The fourth generation of the family’s military service is well underway with my nephews, one in the Air Force and the other a Marine. While my path did not lead to military service, I continue to feed the passion for my civilian duty by finding ways to support and honor those who did.

In 2018, after 20 years as an executive for companies such as Ogio, Callaway and Bite Footwear I knew it was time to use my experience to establish a company dedicated to honoring our nation and increasing awareness and support for our veterans.

Subtle Patriot is that company.

Based in Henderson, Nevada, our Subtle Patriot leadership team shares the same commitment to honoring our nation and supporting our veterans. Together we bring more than 40 years of product development and management experience to our mission from many of the most notable brands of today.

Step one of the Subtle Patriot mission is the creation of artistically understated, best-in-class patriotic work, travel, golf, sport shooting and lifestyle collections. Our gear is designed to combine maximum protection and organization with innovative features that function in multiple environments.

Each product in our collection features an exterior design that is elegant and subtle. The patriotic touch is found in the interior of each product, which is lined with iconic images representing our nation’s fight for freedom and our love of country.

Step two of our mission is dedicated to hiring veterans as part of our leadership and support teams as well as prioritizing partnerships with third-party, veteran-owned companies for many of our operations.

Step three of our mission is to financially support NS2 Serves “Boots to Suits” program, a training and employment program created to assist veterans in their transition from military to civilian careers. Additionally, we serve as the presenting sponsor of the Military Families Golf Classic in Las Vegas, NV.

This is just the beginning, but I hope you will join us in our mission to honor our nation and support our veterans by proudly carrying Subtle Patriot products as you engage in your passions for work, travel, golf and sport shooting.


Tom Gocke

About Our Product

Our Subtle Patriot collections feature a classic exterior appearance, but the magic is on the inside which features interior patterns of iconic images representing our nation’s fight for freedom and our love of country.

Our collection is produced for the purpose of supporting our veterans and first responders, so using off-the-shelf materials as many of our competitors do, just isn’t good enough. That’s why we custom-design every product from start to finish, combining maximum protection and organization with innovative features allowing them to work in multiple environments.

The process begins by working directly with the material manufacturer to create one-of-a-kind printed or embossed materials for both the exterior and interior. Then we custom-design every zipper pull, towel ring and rivet, finishing them in a high-quality antique silver. We hand pick the gunmetal zippers, insisting on a smooth slide and maximum engagement of the teeth for a powerful grip. We want our collections to stand the test of time, so we insist on doubling, and often tripling, the industry’s average fade resistance and durability standard. Simply put, your Subtle Patriot bag will look better and last longer.

Consistent with our passion for the product is our passion to partner with select retailers who understand our mission and are proud to make our golf, shooting sports, travel and lifestyle collection available to our patrons interested in honoring our nation and supporting our veterans. So, you can rest assured that when you find a partner featuring the Subtle Patriot brand in their store, know they share our passion for high-quality products and support of our veterans and first responders.


Support our Veterans & Honor our nation.

Be a patriot in your own simple way.

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