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    Ambush Stand Bag – Heat


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    Freedom To Use As You Choose

    Exceptionally versatile whether you pack it or push it, the 4lb Ambush Stand Bag is equipped with a feature set for either operation. When packing, the Subtle Patriot Strap automatically adjusts to custom fit any body type and continuously re-distributes the weight evenly to both shoulders. While strapped on, you’ll enjoy perfect access to your distance measuring device with a self-sealing security closure and an insulated hydration pouch. When pushing, the typical, impeding foot pedal is eliminated with the flex-foot base, providing a more stable fit on the cart. In either case, the hard shell, fleece line valuable pocket will protect your cell phone screen, electronics or other valuables from accidental damage. Don’t miss the hidden, padded “carry” pocket that allows extra protection for more private items and if 9 pockets aren’t enough, feel free to add storage through use of the Molle System.


    • “Six-Pack” top with integrated grab handle.
    • 8 zippered pockets, 2 fleece lined & waterproof taped.
    • Custom “Unity Strap” self-balancing strap system.
    • Flexfoot, no pedal, integrated stand system.
    • Insulated “Wet” pocket with drainage ports.
    • Ergonomic, front carry handle.
    • Rubberized “Leg Pegs” for maximum reclined stability.
    • Snap on rain hood
    • Integrated Velcro glove patch with towel loop.
    • Umbrella “Toggle and Loop” system.


    Weight 5.5 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × 10 × 36.5 in


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